Focused on helping our clients achieve the results they desire.

96andX is a full-service digital agency with offices in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Principle-guided and results-focused, we offer integrated marketing communications services across paid, earned, and shared media to help mid-market and anchor institutions build awareness, drive sales, and become recognized industry leaders.

Most ask, so we’ll explain. Our name is a business philosophy.

Our name was inspired by the mathematical concept of a root and variable, and “96” is the root. This represents the year 1996, which marks a pivotal shift from Generation Y to Generation Z. Those born after 1996 cannot remember a time in their lives without the presence of technology, and this has shaped a generation. As an agency born from the digital age, “96” is our ethos.
“X” is the variable. It represents adaptability and problem solving, two essential qualities any effective agency must possess in order to meet the complex and constantly evolving needs of brands in today’s business environment.
Finally, “and” represents partnership. By helping organizations develop programs that shape opinions and influence outcomes, we create real cultural impact – and that drives us forward.
Jake Yablonski
Jake YablonskiPresident & Chief Creative Officer
Kenyatta James
Kenyatta JamesDirector of Strategy