Driving relevance in 2019 and beyond.

We work with leading organizations and brands to develop public relations and advertising programs suited for today’s digital-centric and diversity-conscious world. A progressive agency with capabilities across all avenues of brand communications, we help our clients cultivate audiences, drive business outcomes, and uphold reputations in an increasingly complex and ever-changing media landscape. We are solution-focused and channel agnostic, because we know that what matters most isn’t what we call ourselves or what’s listed on our capability statement – it’s how we create impact. We’re an NGLCC-certified company with headquarters in Philadelphia.

What’s in a name?

Our name is built on the mathematical concept of a root and variable – so let’s start with the root. 1996 is a year that marks the pivotal generational shift from Millennials to Gen Z. Those born after 1995 cannot remember a time in their lives without the presence of technology, and this has shaped a generation. So, at its core, 96 is a business philosophy. It’s the belief that today’s agency must pivot and change as quickly as the world around us, and right now, that world is all about digital.
X is a variable of change. It represents dynamism, problem-solving, and flexibility. Today’s agency must understand the complex and constantly evolving behavior of young and diverse audiences along every stage of the buying process – from consideration to evaluation – and change to meet the evolving interests, concerns, and drivers of those audiences.
Finally, our name represents partnership. By helping organizations develop programs that shape opinions and influence outcomes, we create impact – and that drives us forward.


Jake Yablonski
Jake YablonskiPresident & CEO
Jim Shulman
Jim ShulmanExecutive Strategist
Kenyatta James
Kenyatta JamesSVP Digital Strategy