Project Description

Making history

Deja Lynn Alvarez is the first trans person to run for the office of City Council At-Large in Philadelphia. A strong woman with a challenging past, she was eager to make a difference in the city she calls home. Passionate about issues such as addiction, homelessness, and the local economy, Deja engaged 96andX to develop a campaign messaging platform and a content approach for social media channels.


Upon announcing her decision to run for City Council At-Large, Deja Lynn Alvarez needed help developing a messaging platform for her campaign in addition to raising awareness across social media platforms. In order to do this, the campaign engaged 96andX.


Our strategy team developed a messaging platform centered around key issues – homelessness, addiction, and the local economy. We conducted research to define key messaging that would resonate strongly with audiences both within and outside the LGBTQ+ community. Working with a highly connected publicist, 96andX developed a launch release that communicated both Deja’s story and her platform, combining emotion and strategy in a way that had everyone talking.


Deja’s strong platform and historic decision to run for public office received a deluge of press and social media attention. Our platform messaging was validated and social content performed exceedingly well. Additionally, Deja was endorsed by the LGBTQ Victory Fund and Trans United among others.

Targeted video ads

 96andX developed a series of video ads that communicated Deja’s story in order to evoke an emotional response among those likely to vote in the upcoming election. In addition to sharing this content across social media channels, our media team conducted market research to develop a paid strategy, defining targeting metrics that would be effective in reaching those most likely to engage with the message.