Project Description

Protecting organizations through active prevention

Upon launching a new insurance product, Commonwealth Insurance Advantage needed to build brand and raise awareness among both brokers and consumers. With a product that protects businesses against acts of mass violence, they needed to go about this in a way that was effective without jeopardizing their brand image.


Commonwealth launched a new insurance product, Active Threat Solutions, in 2018. This product helps businesses and organizations prevent and protect themselves against the potential damages that could arise from an event of mass violence in the workplace. Commonwealth needed to raise awareness for their product without harming their brand image.


In order to prevent reputational damage, 96andX took a thought leadership and earned-first approach, developing a series of sponsored informational articles to help organizations develop practices and protocols for preventing incidents of mass violence in the workplace. 96andX aimed to position Commonwealth as a thought leader in workplace violence prevention, rather than simply “hard-selling” insurance.


This approach led to high performing sponsored content ads, a spike in quality website traffic, and a series of regional, trade, and national media placements, positioning Commonwealth leadership as authorities in workplace violence prevention. The “soft-sell” approach led to an increase in brand awareness on a national scale, without jeopardizing the brand’s reputation. 96andX is Commonwealth’s agency of record.

Press placements added to the success

Commonwealth and its leadership were featured in Insurance Business America, Property Casualty 360, and the Philadelphia Business Journal within the first two months of the campaign, strengthening the brand’s position as a thought leader in workplace violence prevention.