Project Description


Tioga-Franklin Savings Bank, a local Philadelphia bank, developed an affinity banking product that provides concierge-style, white-label service to small business clients. The challenge? How to position it.


After an in-depth concept brief, 96andX conducted market research to understand the competitive landscape for products like this both locally and nationally. Then, our strategy team developed a range of buyer personas to develop brand drivers for each audience segment that would be likely to use this banking product. Finally, our creative team developed a wide range of ideas, from safe to outlandish, that communicated the product in a clear and interesting way.


After presenting our work to Tioga-Franklin leadership, a concept was immediately chosen – “Bread&Butler”. The name is a play on words: bread standing for the thing that banks handle (money), and butler standing for the concierge-style service Tioga-Franklin’s small business clients receive…all that and a bag of chips.