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Why (and How) Brands Should Move Away From Sexist Advertising

When creating an ad, it might seem like a good idea to take advantage of human sexuality. Some advertisers may even believe it’s funny to play on the stereotypes that typically surround women (ditzy, housewife, etc.), but oversexualizing and stereotyping women is an antiquated trend that should be left in the past, and here’s why: Not only are these kinds of ads offensive and infuriating, ads today can easily go viral for the wrong reasons. (To read more about ads that have gone viral in the past, see our post here: Five Ad Campaigns That Went Viral – For Better [...]

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How Rhianna’s “Fenty Beauty” Changed the Makeup Industry

It’s the 21st century. Creating products that are inclusive and welcoming to all races is something that shouldn’t be revolutionary. But that’s exactly what Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty was to a lot of people: revolutionary. Launched in September 2017, the brand was meant to be a place where all makeup users could finally find shades that fit them, regardless of their skin tone. One of the first products released was the “Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation”, which came in 40 shades and encompassed a wide range of skin tones. The makeup’s tagline, “Foundation for all”, was no doubt a dig [...]

Five Ad Campaigns That Went Viral – For Better or Worse

Today, with technology present in virtually every aspect of daily life, it’s fairly easy for ad campaigns to go viral overnight. With social media allowing consumers to ‘share’ pretty much anything they please, many campaigns with high shareability (or ads that flop) are spread through these platforms. Here, we reminisce about some of the most talked about ad campaigns in recent years, whether they were huge successes or massive failures. 1.) Purple Mattress’ “How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful - Purple Mattress”: Mattress commercials aren’t exactly a hot topic, but Purple Mattress changed [...]

10 Dos and Don’ts of Advertising

When it comes to advertising, there’s a lot to consider - from diversity to budget to where your ad will run. Here’s a roundup of 10 things to keep in mind when creating an effective ad campaign that upholds your brand's reputation while building awareness and driving results. 1.) DO tailor your ad to your platform. There are different features on each social media platform, so understanding what you can and can’t do based on where you’re planning to run a campaign is important. The platform you choose will also influence how consumers will interact with your ad and the [...]

Why Localized Marketing Matters: Philadelphia’s Non-Transient Banking Customers

It’s no secret that Philadelphia’s banking landscape is shifting dramatically. With JPMorgan Chase expanding its retail presence into the city and the surrounding areas, the region’s already crowded banking market is set to get a whole lot more competitive. Moreover, in addition to JPMorgan Chase, the city is seeing an influx of other large financial institutions that want a piece of Philadelphia’s booming business activity, driving competitive pressure even higher for local and national players alike. For customers, the influx of new banks will probably be a good thing, as competition generally drives innovation and provides more buying options. That [...]